I teach people how to remove the barriers that prevent them from living their best life.

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What Would Brandy Do?

Throughout my life family, friends and co-workers have come to me asking for advice. I didn't think much of it until I started to see how my words when implemented began transforming their lives for the better. I knew then I had to take my calling more seriously and figure out how to organize my thoughts and words to make a greater impact.

I spent 12 years as an educator using my words and tools to motivate and facilitate learning for youth in my community. I then adapted that skillset to coaching and training teachers then coaching and holding individuals accountable to the promises they made to themselves.

What do you want? And who do you need to become in order to receive what you are asking for? These are questions I ask my clients before we begin our work together. 

I have spent the last five years helping people get clear about what they want in life and working to remove the barriers that have prevented them from having just that.

What I've learned is that people do not lack passion but they lack a clear plan that will help them reach their goals. Typically, we don't plan to fail but when we encounter obstacles we often do not have the tools, skills or courage to push past them.

My accountability group was designed to help people who struggle with starts and stops, need structure and support in following through while learning the necessary tools to be able to hold themselves accountable long after this program has ended. 

So what does accountability look like?

Accountability is the journey of authentic communication with and commitment to our highest self.

It is NOT a one size fits all. Your journey is unique to you. 

As your coach, I will guide you through the process of figuring out your vision, you why, and how to structure your life in a way that gets you to a place where you can start living your best life yet.

Accountability Coaching

Most people know what they want and they also know what they need to do in order to get it. So why don't they have it? 

I work with busy, frustrated individuals who have tried but failed to follow through on their goals and support them through group or one-on-one coaching that fills in the gaps between their passion and their practice. 

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Guest Speaker & Presenter

Storytelling is at the heart of all the work I do. I know how powerful lived experience can be as an example and a tool for personal and professional transformation. 

As a former educator, I use my abilities to structure content and conversation to educate and inform while also entertaining. In the past decade I have spoken to church goers, at conferences and virtually to engage audiences in the work of bettering themselves.

I am always excited to share my story to help others.

Are You Tired of... 

-Starting over
-Paying for courses that you never follow through on
-Asking your friends for help and being led astray
-Hearing others' success stories knowing it can you be

Yes! Coach Me.

But First...

-Are you clear on the vision you have for your life?
-Are you still living in a toxic mental environment and struggle with healthy boundaries?
-Are you lacking the necessary skills to discipline yourself and dedicate your time to important tasks?

Yes! Teach Me

Looking For...

-An authentic voice with a compelling story
-An organized and interesting facilitator of learning
-An educator and entrepreneur with a passion for transforming lives

Look no further.

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