Teaching with Equity: An Antiracist Approach
Teaching with Equity: An Antiracist Approach

Teaching with Equity: An Antiracist Approach

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Equity is often taught as the idealistic goal of education. But what if I told you equity begins with you? Teachers have more control over creating equity in schools than anyone else, but many teachers are ill equipped to do so.

Most education programs do not effective train teachers in how to teach the whole child especially if that child is Black

This workshop will draw from the works of bell hooks, Jawanza Kunjufu, Ibram X. Kendi Richard Rothstein, and Zaretta Hammond to name a few moving us from big picture thinking to more poignant conversations and planning around classroom practices. 


This is a 3 day virtual intensive workshop which will require participants to be online for 4 hours per day (10am-2pm CDT daily). The workshop will be multimodal which will include lecture, group work, journaling, lesson planning, etc. 


Participants will receive a digital workbook, links to resources and pre-work materials. 


Participants will

  • Describe various elements inherent to one’s own culture and to other cultures: history, values, politics, communication styles, economy, beliefs, practices, etc.
  • Interpret phenomena within a cultural and educational context
  • Recognize and critically reflect upon one’s own cultural biases and how this impacts learning in the classroom
  • Interrogate structures of power and institutions from the standpoint of cultural inheritance
  • Clearly define antiracism and build a toolkit for an antiracist classroom
  • Evaluate diverse perspectives, and navigate the ambiguity and complexity that comes with multiple perspectives
  • Leverage the collective skills, resources and perspectives to shift one's mindset and create equitable content appropriate for their school context.